//Haze State//

Re-imagining anthropological and historical context through scent-sory tableau.

Various raw materials from a specific site, Bushwick were sampled (dirt, tofu, chicken soup, clam chowder soup, pickled cucumber, tortilla, mushroom, etc). From these materials, hydrosol (perfume water) were created in-house resulting in a custom-blend, home-made mix “cabinets of hydrosol.”

These hydrosol will be the fuel/material that will be evaporated inside a custom-made system sphere that could fit human’s head. People walked into the headspace to experience the imaginary forest/woods landscape of Bushwick’s past (Bushwick from Dutch name Boswijck means “little town in the woods”) that juxtaposes Bushwick’s present (the olfactory sensation of mix hydrosols where each scent represents factories that exist now within the area).

Sunday, 22nd May