Haze State is a project that proposes an alternative way of re-imagining historical and anthropological contexts in urban settings. A number of public interactive installations that stages various atmospheric representations evokes sensations, recollects the past and restores subliminal artifacts: in its own becoming a responsive environment. Inserting a strategy in contemporary architecture called “cross-atmosphering” where a coalition of incompatible functions causing a contradictory connection between actions and spaces, the project seeks to turn art audiences into active contributors of the newly mapped experience. Each installation involves digital and scientific interfaces within sustainable environments that mimics natural phenomena.

Haze State currently undertakes the thriving, gentrified neighborhoods of Brooklyn as a point of research/case study. Center to the 19th century manufacturing era, the first few factories occupied towns such as Bushwick, Fulton Ferry/DUMBO/Vinegar Hill, Williamsburg handling sugar, oil, tobacco, coal, brewery along with major twelve-line railroads and the Brooklyn Bridge developments. The industrial/warehouse characteristic remains ubiquitous and becomes primary subject material of this project.

(source: www.brooklyn-genealogy-info.com)